"All fear is the fear of the unknown"

About Michael Mersault

Although born in the northwestern United States, the author spent his formative years in a series of magical locales including expat communities in the Middle East, a secretive air base in the Arizona desert, and an Alaskan fishing village.

These endless hours of travel prompted an enduring love for books that continues unabated.

At times in his adult years, the author has dabbled in kickboxing, competitive marksmanship and international business ventures. He now lives as a semi-recluse back in the northwest, where he fluctuates between the path of a confirmed technophile and a neo-Luddite.

The author conducting research on the banks of the Red Sea, accompanied by his father.

His Writing

The author's life has thus far been neither comfortable nor conventional, but the creative works spawned from this globe-spanning potpourrie should:

  • display military tactics anchored in reality, based upon real experiences.
  • reveal beauty in surprising, unlikely places
  • gently explore cultural and societal theories

If you believe that charming or enchanting story elements hold at least as much value as any attempt at psuedo-naturalism, then the works of Michael Mersault may be of particular interest.

His current projects include:

  • Screen: Cruel Dimension

    Cruel Dimension

    Ancient dimensional gates allow an unscrupulous American antiquities trader to move illicit cargoes across international borders, but hiring his idealistic nephew, Hunter, as a bodyguard is a mistake. Hunter asks questions about their cargo, the malignant beings between gates, and the fate of his long missing father. Who could have guessed that Hunter's adherence to the ancient Bushido code, and his skill with a Samurai sword might save our world from a nuclear conflagration?

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  • Print: The Deep Man

    The Deep Man

    The Galactic Imperium of the Myriad Worlds slumps into centuries of decadent peace enabled by a flood of advanced technology from the mysterious nonhuman "Shapers." Among the great Families, only the once-mighty clan of Sinclair-Maru remembers the maxims of the warrior Emperor, Yung I, ready to defend the Imperium from any threat.

    Stubbornly clinging to the Honor Code, Family prodigy Saef Sinclair-Maru finds himself in command of an outmoded, under-equipped frigate of the Imperial Fleet. With spies and assassins on every side, trusting only in his considerable skill and the bizarre competence of his companion, Inga, Saef must complete his mission, restore the greatness of his Family and uncover the chilling plot meant to extinguish humanity's light from the galaxy.

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  • Print (sale pending): When Shadows Walk

    When Shadows Walk

    Welcome to the magical land of Ocine, a land of glittering cities to the south and majestic forests to the north, rich with history and diversity, locked in centuries' old drama of political intrigue and power.

    When Poniard, a young orphan-thief of the distant north hears the call within his dreams to avert the murder of the last heiress to the throne, he unearths a mystery a thousand years old, and finds himself in the center of a conflict drawing lords and sorcerers as allies and enemies.

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Please send all inquiries to info@michaelmersault.com
or to his long-time agent, Kimberley Cameron