</p><p>Excellent condition with extremely minor cosmetic imperfections! The Apollo Twin DUO features 2 analog line outputs, 2 class-leading mic/line preamps, 8 channels of digital input via Optical connection and 2 digitally controlled analog monitor outputs. In this video, we show you how to record vocals with the Apollo Twin interface in Logic Pro X. We'll be using a few different plugins to get the best sound possible, so make sure to watch and learn! On an Apollo Firewire or an Apollo 8, the S/PDIF format offers stereo I/O over a RCA-type (coaxial) digital connection. Sounds fantastic. The beauty of Apollo is the UAD plugins run at an almost imperceptible latency of 2 ms or something like that. Related Content Universal Audio Apollo, UAD, and Arrow Setup Apollo Headphone and Cue Outputs Setup Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII Duo (APLTWDII) - amazon.com In Console, there are two modes: Monitor mode and Record mode, explains Dupont. Going through the DAW is going to have a "round trip" latency of your input buffer plus your output buffer, which will be much more than 2 ms in most cases, but you might be able to deal with it. Apollo x6; Apollo x8. Tips and Tricks for Using Multiple Universal Audio Apollo - inSync No more latency issues while recording using . We have a baby at home so I'll be recording guitars/bass direct with modeling and mixing mostly on headphones (DT 770's). Its so easy to use. It will automatically select monitoring status whether you are in record or playback mode. Posted 2 Nov 2022 5:23 am. How to turn on apollo twin? Explained by FAQ Blog Digital Minds. 2018 Universal Audio, Inc. All rights reserved. In the track, select Apollo Twin's Line 1-2 as the audio source channels. The optical TOSLINK ports on the Apollo 8p can be switched between S/PDIF or ADAT via the Console > Settings > Hardware page. Plus, learn how to sculpt a bass tone that fits with the low sub kicks of classic 808s using the Ampeg SVT-VR Bass Amplifierplugin. It enables you to insert and control UAD plug-ins as well as route and monitor audio. Using Apollo Twin USB with Avid Pro Tools (Full Version) You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. I have been recording on the apollo twin duo usb for the last 3 years but recently became interested in the id44. Press the Level knob (1) to mute the monitor outputs. Hit (R) and Record away. In this UA Tones & Techniques video, Universal Audio's Ben Lindell and the producers and artists who created Nile Waters' track, "Made for Me," show you how they got killer, professional results using Apollo Twin X interface and tracking in realtime using UAD plugins. Set up the playback engine, configure I/O, learn the Apollo Console, low latency monitoring, headphones and more. The knobs and buttons are moving smoothly and properly. $399.99. The Easiest Way to Record Your Synthesizer (and Other - Reverb Golden Reverberator; Starlight Echo Station. Apollo Twin Mk II | Thunderbolt Audio Interface | Universal Audio. When I owned a UA Apollo Twin Duo USB I ended up finding somewhat of a work-around use Voicemeeter Banana and Cantabile but I'm looking for the most simple answer as possible, since all of my audio and recording works perfect outside of OBS and would hate to undo all sorts of routing if I want to use my computer for anything other than . You can use plugins such as the EP43 Tape Echo or Capitol Chambers Reverb to get these same effects and make the sound in your headphones or studio monitors more polished and inspiring. Universal Audio Apollo Twin DUO Thunderbolt Audio Interface Watch Grammy-winning producer and engineer Fab Dupont (David Crosby, Jennifer Lopez, Mark Ronson) set up an Apollo Twin audio interface and record with UAD plug-ins in realtime. $255.00. First, learn how to dial-in the Fender '55 Tweed Deluxe amplifier plugin for spanky, clean guitar tones, and how the Brigade Chorus plugin was used to add subtle movement to the guitar part, without a lot of detunedwobble. This is perfectly normal. Under preferences in Garageband i use the Apollo as out and input device. Universal Audio Apollo Console Routing Explained | Sweetwater - SweetCare Here is the most basic way to think about your recording workflow with Apollo: Apollo is used to: Get audio into and out of your computer. In the DAW, assign the audio output you wish to process with the hardware insert to Apollo's Virtual 1-2 channels (all other channels should be set to MON L-R). Choose your preset. There are several recording modes. Open UAD Console by clicking the logo in your task bar. Type the number of tracks to create, choose the format (Mono or Stereo), and type a name for the track or tracks. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Record a Mic, Guitar with UA's Apollo Twin, and Model Analog Like Never Every studio has a mic pre, EQ and compressor for the recording process, making mixing far easier and less labour intensive. Also with the audio interface is an ADAT input, giving you eight more. Gear Nut. 4. USB audio interfaces used universally to suit aspiring musicians and recording artists. #1. Here are the steps to connect Apollo Twin with Macbook Pro: Connect Apollo Twin and power it on Download and install the UAD software Register and authorize your Apollo Twin After completing the authorization, you can use your Apollo Twin with your Macbook Pro. Recording Level Problem in Apollow Twin x : r/universalaudio Features The audio interface is integrated with D/A and A/D signal converters, so you can create clean and clear music, irrespective of which guitar you use. !Todays video i will be showing you how to setup your UAD Arrow or Apollow with Fl stud. Apollo Twin USB worth buying in 2020? | The Gear Page . Here is a belter of an interface, the Universal Audio Apollo Twin. I usually play guitar with "Apollo Twin X, Uafx Dream65" in my ' room ' I have a question,, Seriously,,.! Get Started with Apollo Twin - Universal Audio Support Home List your Universal Audio Apollo Twin X QUAD Thunderbolt 3 Audio Interface today to get it in front of thousands of eyes, quickly . Product features, specifications, pricing, and availability are subject to change without notice. <p>Universal Audio Apollo Twin Solo Analog Recording Interface. Connect the power supply to your interface and power it on. To toggle the monitor mute state, press the Level knob (1) whenever Monitor (6 . How do I use UAD Apollo Twin Properly with Cakewalk? Apollo x4; Apollo x6. When I Use Hi-z Input and directly record in Console, I have a problem that Recording level is so high. Apollo Twin Duo USB vs Audient iD44 - Gearspace.com If the Create New Tracks dialog is open, from the Type drop menu, choose Instrument. How to Record Vocals With Apollo Twin in Logic + Plugins Good points. Could need some help. Recording Hip-Hop Using Apollo Twin X | Universal Audio How to record and mix vocals over EDM productions using Apollo x4 and UAD Plugins in Ableton 10. Use the same A/D 24-. Universal Audio Apollo Twin X QUAD Thunderbolt 3 Audio | Reverb Look for an external drive that is 7200RPM and USB 2.0/3.0 compatible and you'll be set. How To Setup UAD Interface With FL Studio 20 - YouTube Our interfaces let you record through the full library of award-winning UAD Powered Plug-Ins including vintage EQs, Compressors, Reverbs, Tape Machines and more at near-zero latency, regardless of your audio softwares buffer size, and without taxing your host computers CPU. In Record mode, your DAW captures whatever plug-ins you have loaded onto thetrack., If youre wondering which mode to use, heres what Dupont has to say: Use Record mode if you feel 100% confident that the sound you hear in your headphones is what you want on your recording. Apollo Twin just as interface - Logic Pro Help Question / Help - UA Apollo with OBS | OBS Forums When you spend a bit more money, you get quality to match your mics.Whats more, you can get plugins that are loaded onto the interface itself, thereby saving valuable RAM on your computer, and also allowing recording in the traditional way, utilizing plugins that are themselves committed to tape. Using External Digital Gear With Your Apollo (Digital Clocking Primer) From: Austin, Tx. 2. 3 places to send Facebook ad traffic on Spotify #shorts October 22, 2022 . Lastly make sure all speakers you have are all the way turned down or off!!!! Using a Lexicon 224 as comfort reverb is really rather nice! Guitar and Bass tones courtesy of the amazing UAD amplifier emulations featuring UA exclusive Unison. Choosing an Audio Interface and/or Mixer. I think one thing you missed testing with the PCIe card vs getting an Apollo is recording with unison preamp. Topics covered include: Loading The Driver, Setting The I/O Buffer, Using The Console Recall Plug-In, and more. ARM allows you to work with plug-ins in LUNA in real time, with ultralow latency.. These sound amazing. First things first: click on the View menu and select Show/Hide Inputs (or hit Command+I if Console is in focus) and click on the little green power buttons on the scribble strip to hide the inputs you don't use. In this article, learn essential techniques for capturing professional vocals and how Apollo interfaces and UAD plug-ins can lift your vocal recordings to new heights. Heres how you load a Unison plugin forvocals: Learn More: How to Set up Unison Technology with Apollo. $405.00. Starlight Echo Station; Astra Modulation Machine. In Monitor mode you hear the plug-ins through your headphones or monitors, but the audio that is sent to your DAW is unaffected. Turning Apollo Twin direct monitoring off? - Gearspace.com Overall, there are three total inputs on this audio interface, but only two of them can be used for recording. Want to get better sounding vocal recordings quickly? The three-part video series at the link below takes you through Console 2.0 and shows you how how to get the most out of your Apollo system. Every Apollo interface comes with LUNA Recording System Universal Audios DAW for mac that integrates seamlessly withApollo. LUNA is used to: Record, mix, and master your audio using plug-ins. 5. Though half way through recording the next section my headphone feed comes back and now my gain structure is blown out despite not adjusting it. Using Hardware Inserts with Apollo Twin - Universal Audio Support Home 1. Make sure there is signal coming in there.